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14 Day Norway Cruise
From Southampton, England To
Norway, Iceland & Scotland
Norwegian Jade

Kirkwall, Orkney Isles, Scotland
Day 11 - Thursday, September 13, 2018

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Arrival Into Kirkwall

South Island Panoramic

A Norwegian Cruise Lines Provided Shore Excursion (KWLE0611, Approx. Duration 3-1/4 Hours, Level 1, $75 USD Per Person).

Experience the beauty of the South Island, enjoying stops at a historical chapel and charming village where you can do some shopping. Head out along the coast near the Scapa Flow naval base. You will hear dramatic stories of World War I and II that make this one of the best-known stretches of water in the world. The series of causeways, called the Churchill Barriers, which link the souhern isles, were originally build from cement blocks to protect the eastern approaches of Scapa Flow following the sinking of HMS Royal Oak in 1939. Now surfaced with roadway, they proivde vehicle access to the islands, which were previously connected only by ferry.

On Lamb Holm you'll visit the beautifully hand-painted Italian Chapel. Known as the miracle of Camp 60, his remarkable structure was built by Italian prisoners during World War II. The chapel has been preserved and maintained for its historical connection with the soldiers from Italy.

Drive to the island of South Ronaldsay and on to the pretty villare of St. Margaret's Hope. Local legend has it that the village is named after Margaret, Maid of Norway, who died near here on her way to marry King Edward II of England. However, she was never a saint. The coach will stop here and you can do a little shopping at the excellent Craft Workshop or wander through the historic streets.

Note: This tour is primarily panoramic in nature with limited optional walking at the stops.

Churches In Kirkwall

Home Architecture Sytles In Kirkwall

A Lot Of Sheep & Cows In Orkney

Grass Bales Saved To Feed The Animals In Winter

Scenery Along The Drive

Causeway Connecting The Islands

The Italian Chapel

The Church.

The Altar.

Left: Inside The Church, Right: Statue Honoring The Men That Build The Church.

Barbara Cepinko (my wife) & Steve Grande (me) In Front Of The Altar.

Barbara In Front Of The Visitor Center and Benches Outside The Church.

Remains Of The German Fleet

St. Margarets Hope, A Small Orkney Town

Blacksmith Shop Museum
A Sewer Grate With A Web Address!
Some Scenes From The Town
The Murray Arms Hotel & Local Orkney Pub

The Menu.

Left: Beers Served Here, Right: Shelli Tucker (my sister) At The Pub.

Typical Beers & Wines Available In Orkney

But these wines from around the world were available in a small store in the town.

Scenery On The Drive Back To The Ship

Dinner In The Norwegian Jade Grand Pacific Dining Room

The Menu.

Full Intensity Red Wines, Dessert Wines & Fortified Wines.

The Cabernet Sauvignon From Israel That We Had With Dinner.

Photos Of The Grand Pacific Dining Room.

Shelli Tucker (my sister) & Barbara Cepinko (my wife) at dinner.

Mini Bar Menu

Room Service Menu


Breakfast Specials & All-Day Menu

Sandwiches, Pizza, Entrees & Desserts

Special Occasion Menu & Beverages


Coffee Maker & Safe In Stateroom

Outlets & Switches At Desk

Switches For All Stateroom Lights At Left Bedside

USB Charging Port & Lamp On Both Bedsides

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